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Welcome to Tucker's Shih Tzu
We are breeders of puppies with great temperament as companion pets. We  raise specializing in breeding and selling small and standard Shih Tzu.  All our puppies are purebred.  We raise healthy puppies in our home with daily hands on care.  All of our dogs and puppies are CKC registered and some are AKC registered.
Our puppies are vet checked, de-wormed, and come with all of their first shots.
We love each and everyone of our dogs and puppies. They are a part of our family. They all live in our home. We use Iams puppy and dog food , and give them extra love and care, each baby is handled and loved so they will have great temperments.  We are members of Iams Puppy Program. Your puppy will come with an Iams puppy starter kit. Our puppies are paper trained before coming to your home.
Thank you for visiting our website, please contact me if you have any questions.
All my dogs are laying on top of my daughter, Rebecca.  They love every minute of it. 
Abby, Daisy, Toby, Corky, Brandy and Samantha are getting comfortable laying on the top of my couch.
Abby, Corky and Toby love to have their picture made.
Princess Dia got a surprise kiss by Mickey!!
Bambi, Juju, Toby and Munkicin are having their family picture made.  Aren't they cute!
Samantha and Toby are having tug of war!  Who won?!?
Hope, Corky, Izzy, and Abby are smiling at you!
Sebastin, Samantha and Benjamin had gone on family visit and they are having a great time. 
Gizmo is the father on the left.  Brandy is the mother on the right.  Brandy was fussing at Gizmo for not watching the kid while she was doing her own business like normal parents would do. 
Samantha, Princess Dia and Gizmo
Gizmo, Brandy and Jaqsyn
Please contact me at TuckersShihTzu@aol.com
for any questions and information. 
Thank you.
Barbara's Shih Tzu &
Tucker's Pet Grooming
We groom all kinds of breeds of dogs and cats.  We do groom the way you want for your pets to look like as you please.  The price are varies depend on breeds and sizes.  I also do deflea the pets.  The shop of our grooming is at my home.  If you will like to have an appointment for your pets please do email us at TuckersShihTzu@aol.com or text only 256-770-1304 and we can schedule to groom your pets.  Some people work early in the morning and cannot drop their pets because of their time schedule.. they can drop their pets here before they go to work and pick up their pets after they get off from work which is no problem.  If you do have any questions about grooming, feel free to ask me.  I will be more happy to reply back ASAP.  Thank you. 
Barbara's Shih Tzu is a new partner and her name is Barbara.  She is great with dogs.  She also raises dogs inside her own home.  I met her years ago and she is a very sweet lady and my dogs love her.. I have need dog sitter and she was perfect to come out to my house and dog sitter my dogs.  My dogs love her very much.. They are always happy to see her and think she is also the other mom to them.  Since my time to take care of my mother, Barbara is willing to help me out with some of my dogs too.  Barbara will have litters soon and i will have some around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Barbara will also have some too. I will list her phone number as soon as possible.